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                   North Texas Pudelpointers strive to train the handler as much as the Pudelpointers they own. We take great care with all the dogs brought to us. We have also trained dogs to the Invitational level. The abilities of the dogs are left up to the socialization and exposure given to the dog as it was raised. The dogs that we have trained have required: obedience, steadiness, trained retrieved, creating boldness, and various other things that are needed in a well rounded hunting companion. We are not your traditional dog trainer. It will take a phone call to prove this little fact.

                  We have many tools at our disposal. I have two children that have grown up with Pudelpointers. Levi is growing fast and becoming very capable with leash work and holding the dogs accountable. Adalyne is pushing him right along at a even younger age. What this allows me to provide is a well rounded approach to most dogs. 

                   NTP has not advertised training until now. We have been sought out based on the training we have given our own dogs. Semi was the first dog I ever trained for someone. The owner told me he needed 500 acres to run her in so she had enough room. We had Semi for about 4 months in that time we taught her how to turn pressure off, self confidence, and trained retrieve. She is an absolute joy now and her owner has a fine companion.

                   The main thing that I teach every dog is obedience. The misconception most people have is they think obedience takes away the drive of the dog. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A dog that is calm through obedience can listen and obey. We build on that in a way that develops a trust between man and dog. When you ask a dog to do something that dog should be able to trust the command. Through reps and success a dog learns what to do and do it consistently. 

                   We have high regard for customer service. We will always error on the side of the customer. This approach will surely bite us every now and then. I was raised that customer service isn’t being perfect but always able to make the issue resolvable. I have worked for large companies and I have ran my own companies. I have even ran contracts that were worth millions a year. Some people will call that small potatoes but the people that know what they are looking at will understand the character needed to handle people on many different levels. Dogs are way more honest that people.

                   If you feel this is the kind of trainer you would like to start a relationship with then feel free to contact NTP. 

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