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Land Run Reba


Physical Attributes:

Medium Dense

Medium Harsh

Performance Testing:

NA  105 PZ 1


Hips: H/D Free



This female was acquired because of a previous breeding Jeff Whitmarsh and I did last year. I trained two males from the breeding that turned out to be incredible dogs. Jeff asked if we would like to do the breeding again and I said as long as I get a female this time. Reba has been very affectionate  to my son Levi who has taken over her responsibilities. Levi and Reba spend a lot of time together wrestling outside or cuddling up on the couch watching a movie. The other day she sat patiently in the kitchen chair behind him while he finished his cereal. I put a quail out for her the other day and she found it caught is and delivered it to hand.She will be a very special female.

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