North Texas Pudelpointers

                   Here at North Texas Pudelpointers we aim to produce the highest performing Pudelpointers in the state of Texas. As a Pudelpointer Breeder we take the health and performance of our dogs very seriously. We performance test our dogs in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) which eliminates any breeder bias by using their 3 judge evaluation system. We are members of The North American Pudelpointer Alliance (NAPPA) as it really resonates with our purpose as a Pudelpointer Breeder. Here in this wonderful State of Texas we hope you can come visit and see our dogs, if not feel free to give us a call to introduce yourself.

                                                                     ~ Stephen Lundy (Owner/Trainer).



                     "Once I arrived in Forney, Texas, I can't describe how welcomed I was.  The Lundy's cooked me the best fajitas I've had, invited me into their home, and allowed me to see life as they do it.  Mr. Lundy and I took off to the training grounds after the fajitas so I could work with the 2 year old Hazel.  After working with Hazel, Mr. Lundy handed me a rod so I could lock up on some Texas largemouth.  After a successful evening with Hazel and fishing, it was time for bed.  Mr. Lundy assured me constantly that his time was mine as long as I needed and we met up in the morning to continue learning commands and training that Hazel already had from Mr. Lundy.  He is a phenomenal bird dog trainer.  Hazel came to our family a hunting machine and an even better family member.  Having 3 kids under 5, a dog with the right temperament was monumentally important for us.  Hazel has exceeded our expectations."


Thank you!

Jim LeBlanc, West Columbia,SC. 

The Premier Pudelpointer Breeder in the State of Texas!
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